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iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak Instructions To Help With The Process

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How To Unlock iPhone 4.2.1 In A Safe And Easy Way

If you are interested in figuring out the process of how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 firmware then this helpful guide is for you. The gorgeous Apple device is mesmerizing and tempting and if you own an iPhone, you will never want to go back to any other phone for quite some time. iPhone users will get hooked to their device within a few days and you will only see the results of your obsession after you receive huge bills from your carrier. Apple sells SIM locked iPhone 4.2.1 to maintain exclusivity so that carriers are benefited. In reality, you can easily use another carrier and cut down on your phone bills if you know how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1. These days, iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking is not just for the geeks and if you are able to follow instructions for how to unlock iPhone 3G, you can unlock the device even on iOS 5 firmware.

How to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 – Risks and rewards

Before you proceed to know how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1, you should understand what you are signing up for. Apple doesn’t want you to use a SIM of your choice because of Apple’s contract with carrier providers which is useful for both the parties involved. So, naturally, the company is against unlocking the device. If you end up bricking your iPhone during unlocking, you should take necessary measures on your own to keep your phone working. The quality of service signal and battery life hugely depend on the unlocking method you use and if you end up using a wrong method for unlocking, you may not get all the benefits. However, if you know the risks and choose the right method for unlocking, you will get complete freedom from contracted network provider. In simple terms, you can pop in any SIM card including prepaid on-the-go cards and enjoy local voice and data plans.

How to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 – is jailbreaking necessary?

Even though hardware methods are available for unlocking, experts suggest that you choose software based methods when you search for how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1. The SIM lock provided by Apple is a combination of hardware and software and the software methods will help you to bypass the locks provided by Apple. Ideally, you can ask your network provider to unlock your iPhone if you have successfully completed the contract period. The other software methods for unlocking require you to jailbreak the device first because the software unlocking package is available only through the jailbreak app store Cydia.

How to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 – what to do with incompatible basebands?

how to unlock iphone 4.2.1When you learn about how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1, you will realize that only limited basebands are supported by software and SIM unlocking methods. If you have an incompatible baseband, you have to upgrade or downgrade baseband to a lower version. Apple has stopped signing lower baseband versions and so, the only work around is to upgrade to 06.15.00 iPad baseband. However, this will result in loss of GPS. On the internet, you can find companies that help you to change your baseband chip so that you can have older unlockable baseband on your newer iPhone. It is risky, but sometimes, it can be only choice if you want to use free methods for how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1.

Does computer software really help for how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1?

The most reliable method for how to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 is to use computer software which will automatically jailbreak and unlock the device. Millions of users all over the world enjoy the benefits of computer software and the money back guarantee actually guarantees that the software will work for you. It will only take a few minutes to use computer software for unlocking and you really don’t have anything to lose to try to unlock your iPhone 4.2.1 quickly.