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iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak Instructions To Help With The Process

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Pros And Cons To Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 Baseband Firmware

When you want to purchase iPhone at a nominal price, you have to buy factory locked iPhones provided by Apple unless you are willing to Unlock iPhone 3.1.3. You can purchase it through AT&T if you are in the US and CDMA iPhones of US are locked to Verizon. The carrier that provides iPhone is different in different countries, but always, factory locked iPhones are affordable. In some countries, the law prevents locked iPhones and you can import factory unlocked iPhones from those countries if you don’t mind the shipping and importing fees. Apple started selling unlocked iPhones, but they are at least twice the price of regular iPhones. If you know Unlock iPhone 3.1.3, you can purchase the locked phone for a lower price and then unlock it to use a different carrier.

Why should you know Unlock iPhone 3.1.3?

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3If you are a very loyal customer of the carrier that comes locked with iPhone, you don’t have to even think about unlocking. Locked iPhones are only good as long as you use iPhones for local calls and limited internet. By knowing Unlock iPhone 3.1.3, you will be able to use any SIM card and carrier of your choice. This will actually allow you to enjoy lower call rates and unlimited internet for a much lower price from any provider. Unlocked 3.1.3 iPhones prove to be greatly cost effective if you travel to another country. Imagine the possibility of popping a local SIM in the new country to enjoy local rates. This can be achieved only through iPhone unlocking.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 using SIM unlocking methods

When you search for iPhone Unlock 3.1.3 05.12.01, you will probably come across numerous methods that allow you to use your iPhone with any SIM card. The SIM unlocking methods like Gevey SIM and Turbo SIM require you to purchase the unlocking kit. Depending on how the kit is designed, you have to follow the instructions to unlock the phone. Some of the SIM unlocking methods involve making calls to emergency numbers which is considered unethical. Moreover, experts question the ability of these unlocking methods to truly unlock iPhone. In Unlock iPhone 3.1.3, the lock placed on mobile phones is mostly software based and thus, using altered SIM cards can prove to be somewhat dangerous.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 using software method?

The software methods for unlocking iPhone simply free the iPhone from all software limitations. So, without having to purchase any kit, you can use the free unlocking method provided by Ultrasn0w to unlock the phone and use it with any SIM card in any country. Limesn0w developed by GeoHot first introduced iPhone unlocking, but the exploits used by Limesn0w are patched later by Apple.

If you are wondering Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 using Ultrasn0w, you should always remember to follow the instructions precisely. Ultrasn0w requires you to jailbreak your device first because the Ultrasn0w repo can be added to Cydia source which is available only after jailbreaking. The jailbreak tool you use for jailbreaking is also important because you should preserve unlockable baseband of iPhone during the jailbreak process. Once jailbroken, unlocking simply involves downloading and installing Ultrasn0w.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3: issues and concerns

Even though unlocking iPhone is not very complex, it has lots of restrictions when you want to use free software. Ultrasn0w and even the SIM unlocking methods have limitations with respect to compatible baseband. Downgrading baseband is not possible these days as Apple has stopped signing older basebands. Moreover, some users complain of signal loss when they use free unlocking method. Many times, unlockers have to wait for several months before getting a new iOS update to work on their iPhone because the unlocking scene is much more difficult than jailbreaking. Without a reliable unlock method, unlockers should never upgrade their iOS or baseband.

If you are ready to take your phone to the next level, then visit Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 today!

Unlock iPhone 5.0.2

Apple has updated iphone firmware to fix previous bugs that existed for many iPhones and now many users are wondering how to Unlock iPhone 5.0.2. The features of an unlocked iPhone far outweight the risks involved in the unlock process. The ability to use an iPhone 5.0.2 Unlock on any cellular network provider will save you substantial money on your cell phone bills, compared to an iphone locked to a specific service provider that can charge you any price they want. Aside from that amazing benefit, the ability to download free iPhone Apps take full advantage of any iphone model that you install them on. Particularly for those who unlock iphone 5.0.2, you can get all these benefits without the major firmware 5.0 and 5.0.1 bugs that many users have reported to Apple. In this step by step guide for how to unlock iphones, we will give you reliable and tested advice on the best method to unlock iphone 5.0.2 firmware.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5.0.2?

Unlock iPhone 5.0.2As we all know, Apple releases firmware updates quite frequently to fix bugs that iphone users report and to update features of the device. With the most recent “big” firmware launch of iOS5, many people immediately began looking for ways to jailbreak and unlock iOS 5.0 firmware to take advantage of the awesome new features that OS 5 had to offer users. Unlocking Software was slow to hack new iphone 5.0 firmware as the iphone dev team had a hard time finding a reliable exploit for the jailbreaking process to work. This is because the iPhone Sim Card was harder to unlock with this updated iphone firmware. However, now that unlocking iphones that are updated with iOS 5.0.2, iphone developers are scrambling to unlock it. As of today, there is only one working software to Unlock iPhone 5.0.2 that we have found. Unfortunately, there are many jailbreak websites that claim to be able to jailbreak iphone 5.0.2 but none of them have a working solution for how to unlock an iphone on 5.0.2.

Unlock iPhone 5.0.2 Step By Step

This guide is mean to be helpful and make it easier for unlocking iphones with updated 5.0.2 apple firmware. The unlock iphone software we use is the only working solution for the latest iphone firmware.

  • Step 1: Download and install the iphone unlocking software that we link to at the end of the post. This jailbreak software will jailbreak iphone 5.0.2 first before unlocking it. You absolutely have to jailbreak an iPhone in order to unlock it. Many websites say it is possible to unlock iphone without jailbreak but they are simply wrong because the jailbreaking process is what actually makes it possible to Unlock iPhone 5.0.2. These same websites are suggesting the use of free jailbreak software such as the limera1n jailbreak and greenpois0n jailbreaking software but if you care at all about your iPhone then you won’t use these junk tools.
  • Step 2: After downloading, installing, and running the iphone jailbreak program, make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer’s USB outlet. Then proceed to click the “make it ra1n” button in the jailbreak tool. The software will then update the latest firmware on your phone while it simultaneously modifies the IPSW firmware file to make the jailbreak hack function on basebands 04.11.08, 05.16.05, and 07.11.01.
  • Step 3: After the jailbreak process is finished, you must enter DFU mode on your device. To do so, hold the “power” and “home” buttons on your cell phone to boot up your iphone in DFU mode. What this does is load the baseband hack/exploit in “safe mode” in order to make the jailbreaking process permanent.
  • Step 4: After jailbreaking the iPhone, the jailbreak App called “Cydia” will automatically be installed to your phone’s app selection. Cydia is where you will download the famous third party applications that are only available on jailbroken iPhones. It is also the jailbreak app that is necessary to further unlock iphone 5.0.2 in the next step.
  • Step 5: To unlock iphone 5.0.2 you will need to perform a hard iphone reset to complete the jailbreak process. Now that you have a jailbroken iphone 5.0.2, you can either use a reliable software unlock or the risky ultrasn0w unlock. For the sake of this guide we will tell you how the typical ultrasn0w unlocking process works, although the software at the end of this post will perform this part automatically. Open the ultrasn0w application from inside cydia and click the “manage” tab at the bottom. Then you must click the “Sources” button and add repo http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com to your cydia source repo list. This will proceed to install the most recent update to unlock iphone 5.0.2.
  • Step 6: Unlocking iphones with ultrasn0w will be a somewhat automatic process, although you will first need to follow the prompts on the iPhone’s screen in order to prepare unlocking it. However, using the automatic unlock iphone software that we recommend is a much safer and easier alternative to unlock iphone 5.0.2. The download link is below!

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 5.0.2 Software

As you can clearly see, the process of unlocking and jailbreaking iphones can be more difficult than alot of iPhone users realize it to be at first. The majority of people are misguided to think that free unlocking programs are the way to go, but most of them learn the hard way about getting what you pay for. To unlock iphone 5.0.2 online you need to use reliable software to do it. Also be weary of any website selling a special code to make iphone unlock. There is no such thing as an unlock code for iPhones. Many people who are wondering how do you unlock an iphone and end up falling for bad iphone jailbreak instructions.

We have evaluated many different factory unlock iphone programs and have concluded that only one of them works on every iPhone tested. The best iphone unlock program is available here, Visit: Unlock iPhone 5.0.2

Unlock iPhone 4.2

You are probably wondering if it is at all possible to Unlock iPhone 4.2 with a proven Jailbreak process? Jailbreaking the iPhone has become quite a fad among iPhone users looking to download iphone apps, games, and ringtones. iPhone Jailbreaking ads tons of features and the ability to skip certain limitations placed by Apple when the made the device. Overcoming those restrictions can void the iphone warranty if you use bad jailbreak software to Unlock iPhone 4.2 Software. Not to mention that you can very easily turn your iphone into a “brick” during the jailbreaking process which will make your iPhone disabled and useless. This is exactly why it is so important for those wanting unlocking iphone 4.2 solutions to read plenty of unlock user reviews on the software to unlock an iphone, regardless of the model or firmware version.unlock iphone 4.2

Can You Unlock iPhone 4.2

While we would say that the answer is clearly a “yes”, it is in your best interest to fully understand what you are doing when you modify the iphone firmware on your device and perform the Unlock iPhone 4.2 process. Just by searching google for ‘how do you unlock iphone’ will not fully answer this question, so we want to make iPhone unlock process as easy to understand as possible. Using a piece of software called “jailbreak software” on your iPhone iOS 4.2 will change the software programming on your mobile phone. This iphone modification is usually done by unlocking software created from the dev team who are most known for these unlocking software solutions to Unlock iPhone 4.2:

  • Quickpwn
  • Limera1n jailbreak
  • redsn0w unlock solution
  • blackra1n jailbreaking
  • greenpois0n
  • jailbreakMe 3.0

Those are the most recent and most popular creations from the chronic dev team. The problem with using any of this jailbreaking software is that the iphone jailbreak instructions dont show can you unlock iphone 4.2. The reason why you would want to Unlock iPhone 4.2 is the ability to connect to different cell networks around the world from the same phone. By default, each iphone sim card only connects to one network service provider. If you unlock the iphone newest firwmare to connect to different networks then you can save yourself a pretty penny. To download iphone jailbreak visit or recommendation link below!

How to Unlock iPhone 4.2 on iPhone 4

Just recently, the notion of being to unlock iphone from iphone has become very popular. The reason is because of the solution called JailbreakMe 3.0. The way it used to work was you would visit the website on your iphone device and the unlock would happen right through your iPhone 4.2 browser. It was quite clever in the way the process installed unlock software and the Cydia application to Unlock iPhone 4.2. It took advantage of a PDF exploit in the 4.2 firmware(apple pluggged it in 4.3 updated firmware) which injected SQL commands through safari to imitate a PDF download process but instead it would streamline the uploading of the iOS 4.2 Unlock iPhone 4 to the phone’s system bootrom. It was the biggest innovation in the jailbreaking industry since it was first born in 2007. Unfortunately, the hole was plugged pretty quickly and it isn’t possible to unlock the iphone through this method anymore. What a bummer, because it was a great and secure way to deliver the iphone download. Alot of iphone users got lazy after that and waited for an updated unlock iphone 4.2 which unfortunately never came. However, the recommended iphone 4.2 unlocking software that we tried was the next best thing to the jailbreakme process. It was only 2 clicks of the mouse and the jailbreak process was finished and ultrasn0w unlock was installed.

Jailbreak And Unlock iPhone 4.2 Quickly and Safely

If you have read enough and you are convinced that the iphone jailbreak and unlock process is worth the risk, then you owe it to yourself and to your phone to use the best possible unlock iphone software on the market. Stay away from any of the free junk out there because you are just gambling money by increasing the changes to “brick” your iPhone device. Also, alot of jailbroken iphone’s who used this process to Unlock iPhone 4.2 become disabled and appear to apple to be a stolen iPhone because the firmware modification ended up having an unintended effect when it connects to other cellular networks. The software programs tend to do more harm than good which is why we suggest you follow our recommendation below if you are wondering can you unlock iphone 4.2.

We are not promoting any specific software to unlock iPhone 4.2, but we definitely think you should benefit from our extensive testing on numerous devices which includes:

  • 3 iPhone 3GS (4.2 and newer)
  • 2 iPhone 4 iOS 5
  • 2 iPhone 4S (5.0 firmware version)

We wondered why the user reviews for the unlocking solution was so popular, and now we know exactly why. It really does work and if you are looking for the best unlocking iphone tool then we cannot stress enough to Visit Unlock iPhone 4.2!

iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 – What you need to know

iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01Most iphone users would say that it is not possible to do an iphone baseband unlock 4.10.01. Until just recently, this was unfortunately the case. Most iphone unlock software solutions are only able to unlock baseband 03.10 and earlier versions. If you have tried an ultrasn0w unlock on your iPhone with this baseband, you would have noticed that the unlock software will prompt you with a warning that it is unable to baseband unlock this latest version. Thankfully, we have a solution to successfully fully unlock and jailbreak the iphone on this baseband.

Tips to remember for iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process

In order for you to be successful when unlocking iphones, it really does you good to know what is really going on ‘under the hood’ of the unlock iphone tool that you are using on your mobile phone to do the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01. Unlocking an iPhone refers to the process of freeing up your sim card. The sim card is in every phone and it is the device that connects to your actual cell phone carrier network. From the time of manufacturing your iPhone, the service provider has an agreement with Apple and Steve Jobs to lock the phone to that specific network. That is because most times, a cell phone service will give a discount to an iphone user who signs up with that company and buys a new iPhone. So by unlocking the iphone sim card, you are then able to connect to your own network provider, which is why it is technically called a carrier unlock.

Jailbreaking an iphone is another story however. When you jailbreak an iphone, you are modifying the iphone firmware so that it loads the jailbreak software before it actually boots up with the Apple software. By doing this, the unlock iphone solution will then be able to do iphone baseband unlock 4.10.01 safely and without causing issues with the iphone apps. An iPhone which is jailbroken is able to download restricted iphone apps, iphone games, and so much more. This is done thanks to the Cydia application which is installed after the jailbreak process is completed. Cydia is also what makes it possible for an ultrasn0w unlock which until now was the industry standard among iphone unlocking applications. However, as mentioned above, unlock ultrasn0w software is unable to iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01, and is only capable of a baseband 3.10 unlock.

How to do an iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01:

  • 1. Download and install the unlock software to your computer. Also make sure to download and install the latest iTunes version to your PC. If you already have itunes installed then make sure to upgrade iTunes to its newest version.
  • 2. Plug your iphone into the computer and load the unlock application tool. Click the “jailbreak now” button in the software application and let it jailbreak the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01.
  • 3. After a few minutes, your iPhone will restart to complete the jailbreak process. Once jailbreaking your iphone is complete, you can then move onto iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process.
  • 4. Now you will notice in the software that there is an option to unlock iphone. Click the button and the software tool will perform the unlocking process on your baseband 4.10.01 version. The unlock iphone software will automatically unlock your iPhone but it might need to do some modifications such as downgrade baseband to properly unlock ios. This is normal and just be patient during the unlocking process.
  • 5. Now you will notice that the Cydia iphone app is installed on your iphone’s springboard. This is what you will use to download apps that were previously restricted in the apple iphone store. This is where you can also download ultrasn0w unlock for future unlocking versions other than this iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01.

Take time to browse through the Cydia app store. You will be amazed at the great app downloads that you can add to your iphone experience. You can essentially unlock many features and benefits that your factory iphone doesn’t off to you. Such applications include the modem tethering application that enables you to have 3G internet speed on your device anywhere that you have cell phone service.

Is the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 permanent on my phone?

The answer to this question is the same for any iphone unlock version and method. It is a permanent unlock as long as you do not perform an iphone update via iTunes application. When you sync your phone, you will absolutely need to be careful about not accepting the softare downloads that iTunes will try to force you to install to your device. This is true no matter what version you are unlocking including baseband 02.10 unlock, This is how Apple is able to plug unlocked iphones and that is why we stress so strongly to stay away from upgrading iphone firmware from this point forward, especially after doing the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 upgrade and process.

Now that you have a firm understanding of the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process, we hope that you are better able to avoid the mistakes that many iPhone users make when looking for a software unlock. We strongly advise you to download our Software to iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 and use it to accomplish the tricky process on your phone.

Unlock iPhone – Best Step By Step Methods for Unlocking an iPhone

Are you wondering why so many users decide to Unlock iPhone? If you have never owned or operated an unlocked iphone then you have no idea how many features you are missing out on as an iPhone user. Unlocking an iPhone involves finding an automatic software tool for jailbreaking and unlocking your mobile cell phone. In this iphone unlock guide, we will attempt to give you the most clear instructions for unlock iphone with a step by step guide to show you how to unlock an iPhone without any risk involved.

What are the best features of unlocking the iPhone?

Anyone who is interested in having an unlocked iphone should know the features that make an unlocked phone great. There are literally hundreds of reasons to download software to unlock an iPhone but we will list out for you what we believe are the top 3 reasons for iphone unlocking.

  1. Use your iPhone on any cell phone network provider: The main purpose behind unlocking a mobile phone is the ability to use it on a different iPhone GSM service provider. When a factory iPhone is manufactured from Apple, it is locked to only one cell phone company. That company has agreements with apple to restrict cell phone service to only their GSM network. When you modify your iPhone firmware, you essentially hack the iPhone to pre-boot the jailbreak software to activate iPhone on your chosen wireless provider. Using software to unlock iphone can do this process automatically by un locking the iphone’s sim card to use an unlimited data plan on a cheaper iphone service.
  2. Ability to download thousands of restricted iPhone Apps, Games, and Hacks for FREE: This part is the most exciting part of the unlocking process. When you find the right jailbreak software that shows you how do you unlock an iphone, you will be able to install a third party app called Cydia, This unlock program has its own version of the iPhone App store, but with all the latest and updated programs available for download. This 3rd party application does not block iphone developers from submitting their applications unlike the Apple App Store which monitors the process and prevents alot of applications from being downloaded by iphone users. This is why an iphone that is unlocked is far superior to a factory unlock iphone.
  3. Jailbreak software with the ability to perform an UNTETHERED jailbreak method: If you are not famliar with jailbreaking an iPhone, then you might not understand the difference between a tethered jailbreak and an untethered iphone. The process of performing an untethered jailbreak means that the iphone jailbreak instructions include modifying the latest iphone firmware iOS to install factory unlocked iphone software. This software application is what installs the Cydia application that we mentioned earlier. Make sure that theautomatic iphone unlocker has this feature. An untethered jailbreak software is what seperates good iPhone Unlock Software from the BEST unlock iphone software!

What is the difference between Unlock iPhone and Jailbreak iPhone methods?

That question is definitely the most asked question of the unlock process. iPhone users looking to unlock the iPhone don’t realize that these are two seperate processes and methods of unlocking an iphone. The answer is actually pretty simple. Jailbreaking an iphone requires to hack iPhone bootloader firmware with the unlock solution. This is the feature that allows a user to download third party applications to their iPhone iOS system. However, unlocking an iphone means that the GSM sim card that the iPhone uses is unlocked to any cellular network. In essence, it is the ability to use an iphone unlocked on a different network like AT&T, T-mobile, Fido, Telecom, Sprint, and other GSM networks.

Are there unlock iphone reviews online to find the best iphone software?

Thankfully there are many unlocked iphone reviews available to download online. These iphone unlocker reviews will help you discern from finding a bad unlock software to unlock it. The biggest benefit to iphone unlock reviews is the fact that alot of these free unlock programs are really a virus or malware, or they incorrectly unlock iphone firmware leaving you with a disabled iphone. You must also remember that there are many unlock iphone versions available online. This is probably why most iphone users get confused on finding the best unlock program.

We can confidently say that we have literally downloaded every single unlock iphone online and have tested it to unlock iphones. Out of all the software programs we tested, we would strongly recommend software to Unlock iPhone. When looking for an iphone imei unlock solutions, don’t fall for jailbreak websites that claim to have a code to unlock iphone. There is no such thing as an iphone unlocking code from Apple.

If you are convinced about unlocking an iPhone, then we suggest a visit to Unlock iPhone today. Upon downloading an iphone update, you will have even easier step by step instructions for unlocking your phone!