Unlock iPhone

iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak Instructions To Help With The Process

Unlock iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone – Easy To Follow Instructions

If you are reading this post then you are obviously wondering how do you unlock an iphone? In this step by step tutorial, we will attempt to provide you the best quality information on how to unlock iphone without creating a disabled iphone. It doesn’t matter if you already have an activated iphone or if you just bought a new unlocked iphone, the methods of unlocking it are the same.

What are the benefits and features of unlocking an iPhone?

Everyone has their reasons for looking how to unlock an iphone, regardless of the iPhone model or firmware version. The features of an unlocked phone are what make the process so rewarding to unlock it. Unlocking an iPhone makes financial sense as long as ther is an easy way to unlock iphone without “bricking” the iPhone baseband firmware. If you do happen to brick your iphone then there is no fixing it even if you update iphone firmware after unlocking it. This is why the unlock for iphone is so valuable once you find the best unlocking software and instructions. However, even if you have used bad software before then we can still show you how to unlock a disabled iphone. Here is the best method that we have come across to successfully unlock an iphone that shows you exactly how to unlock it.

Steps to help users how to unlock an iPhone:

  • Step 1. You will want to first make sure you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes to your computer. Once it is updated on your PC, you will need to download the program to unlock iphone. This unlock tool will automatically install the jailbreak software as well.
  • Step 2. For the unlocking process to run smoothly, you will want to update iphone firmware to the latest iOS 5.0 version. This unlocked iphone version will give you all the features that you want when unlocking your phone.
  • Step 3. You will now need to jailbreak iOS firmware on the cell phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone will install third party applications such as Cydia to the phone, which is necessary to unlock it later in this process. In order to install the software program, you will go through the jailbreaking process that the iphone unlock software has you follow.
  • Step 4. After the program finishes jailbreaking your iPhone, the next step is to use the unlock tool to start the unlocking process from your computer. You should also remember that this step involves you to restart iPhone, and possibly even a hard iphone reset.
  • Step 5. This is where you find out how to unlock a iphone using the jailbreaking software from the previous steps. The program will download and save the iphone firmware to your desktop that is neccessary for any iphone unlocking attempt.
  • Step 6. The iphone unlock software will now go through the process of unlocking the sim card to the phone. The sim card is what all mobile phones use to connect to their cellphone network. This step will try to unlock iphone online by hacking the firm ware file system that is programmed to only connect to the specific network. When you iPhone always boots up, the unlocking software will disconnect this check point in the baseband boot up process and “free” the iphone sim card.
  • Step 7. Once you have followed all the steps on the unlock iphone screen you will notice that your iPhone will reboot a few times during the installation of the software tool. You will see an ‘unlock complete’ dialog box.  This means that your iphone unlock is official!

Following these steps isn’t nearly as complicated as it appears. Just remember to follow ALL of the steps because there is no such thing as an unlock iphone without jailbreak. You have to jailbreak it to unlock it, period. Some jailbreak websites might say that the jailbreaking process is only for the third-party application downloads. That however, is simply untrue. Every single unlocked iphone has gone through these steps of jailbreaking and unlocking the iphone.

How to unlock iphone without sim card with the unlocking tool?

Simply put, you cannot unlock your iPhone without a functioning Sim Card. It would be great to be able to unlock it and not need to even use an iphone sim card but it simply doesn’t work that way!

How much does it cost to unlock an iphone?

If you are ready to get started with iphone unlocking, then you are probably wondering how can i unlock my iphone right now, and where can I find a cheap price? Naturally, you might be wondering if you can skip this process and just buy unlocked iphones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy an iphone that is already unlocked. This is because Apple has decided against it for obvious reasons. After eliminating the possibility of buying an unlocked iphone, your next question is probably where can i get my iphone unlocked? Our answer is very simple: We strongly recommend to try the best software to unlock an iPhone quickly and easily. It is one of the few ways to legally unlock iphone to use on any network. Dont forget to download the iphone unlock guide which gives you even more information on how to unlock iPhone using the tips and tricks from this tutorial.