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iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 – What you need to know

iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01Most iphone users would say that it is not possible to do an iphone baseband unlock 4.10.01. Until just recently, this was unfortunately the case. Most iphone unlock software solutions are only able to unlock baseband 03.10 and earlier versions. If you have tried an ultrasn0w unlock on your iPhone with this baseband, you would have noticed that the unlock software will prompt you with a warning that it is unable to baseband unlock this latest version. Thankfully, we have a solution to successfully fully unlock and jailbreak the iphone on this baseband.

Tips to remember for iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process

In order for you to be successful when unlocking iphones, it really does you good to know what is really going on ‘under the hood’ of the unlock iphone tool that you are using on your mobile phone to do the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01. Unlocking an iPhone refers to the process of freeing up your sim card. The sim card is in every phone and it is the device that connects to your actual cell phone carrier network. From the time of manufacturing your iPhone, the service provider has an agreement with Apple and Steve Jobs to lock the phone to that specific network. That is because most times, a cell phone service will give a discount to an iphone user who signs up with that company and buys a new iPhone. So by unlocking the iphone sim card, you are then able to connect to your own network provider, which is why it is technically called a carrier unlock.

Jailbreaking an iphone is another story however. When you jailbreak an iphone, you are modifying the iphone firmware so that it loads the jailbreak software before it actually boots up with the Apple software. By doing this, the unlock iphone solution will then be able to do iphone baseband unlock 4.10.01 safely and without causing issues with the iphone apps. An iPhone which is jailbroken is able to download restricted iphone apps, iphone games, and so much more. This is done thanks to the Cydia application which is installed after the jailbreak process is completed. Cydia is also what makes it possible for an ultrasn0w unlock which until now was the industry standard among iphone unlocking applications. However, as mentioned above, unlock ultrasn0w software is unable to iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01, and is only capable of a baseband 3.10 unlock.

How to do an iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01:

  • 1. Download and install the unlock software to your computer. Also make sure to download and install the latest iTunes version to your PC. If you already have itunes installed then make sure to upgrade iTunes to its newest version.
  • 2. Plug your iphone into the computer and load the unlock application tool. Click the “jailbreak now” button in the software application and let it jailbreak the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01.
  • 3. After a few minutes, your iPhone will restart to complete the jailbreak process. Once jailbreaking your iphone is complete, you can then move onto iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process.
  • 4. Now you will notice in the software that there is an option to unlock iphone. Click the button and the software tool will perform the unlocking process on your baseband 4.10.01 version. The unlock iphone software will automatically unlock your iPhone but it might need to do some modifications such as downgrade baseband to properly unlock ios. This is normal and just be patient during the unlocking process.
  • 5. Now you will notice that the Cydia iphone app is installed on your iphone’s springboard. This is what you will use to download apps that were previously restricted in the apple iphone store. This is where you can also download ultrasn0w unlock for future unlocking versions other than this iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01.

Take time to browse through the Cydia app store. You will be amazed at the great app downloads that you can add to your iphone experience. You can essentially unlock many features and benefits that your factory iphone doesn’t off to you. Such applications include the modem tethering application that enables you to have 3G internet speed on your device anywhere that you have cell phone service.

Is the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 permanent on my phone?

The answer to this question is the same for any iphone unlock version and method. It is a permanent unlock as long as you do not perform an iphone update via iTunes application. When you sync your phone, you will absolutely need to be careful about not accepting the softare downloads that iTunes will try to force you to install to your device. This is true no matter what version you are unlocking including baseband 02.10 unlock, This is how Apple is able to plug unlocked iphones and that is why we stress so strongly to stay away from upgrading iphone firmware from this point forward, especially after doing the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 upgrade and process.

Now that you have a firm understanding of the iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 process, we hope that you are better able to avoid the mistakes that many iPhone users make when looking for a software unlock. We strongly advise you to download our Software to iPhone Baseband Unlock 4.10.01 and use it to accomplish the tricky process on your phone.