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Unlock iPhone 5.1 – Best Step By Step Methods Revealed

Are you upgrading iphone firmware and now need to find out how to unlock iphone 5.1? We have carefully put together this step by step tutorial which will guide you through the process as easy as possible, leaving out the bad unlock instructions that alot of jailbreak websites confusingly put into their jailbreak instructions. Methods of unlocking can be different depending on the source of information and the quality of the unlocked iphone 5.1 methods.

Free Unlock iPhone 5.1 Solution Method

With any iphone firmware update released from Apple, many iphone users accidently upgrade iphone firmware to the latest version. This means that the unlocked iphone they were using is no longer unlocked and the process must be performed all over again. There is also a possibility that an iphone update to iOS 5.1 can brick your iPhone if you upgrade iphone firmware through iTunes Sync to your phone. Be very careful how you unlock iphone 5.1 because this latest firmware version plugs the exploits that unlock tools used to jailbreak and unlock iphone 5.0 and older firmware versions. The jailbreak software that worked on iOS5 was an untethered jailbreak solution that was available for free but the best jailbreak software was much better to Unlock iPhone 4 5.1.Unlock iPhone 5.1

Using free software to unlock iphones is usually the first thought on an iphone user’s mind when they are introduced to the idea of unlocking or jailbreaking their iphone. In some cases, the use of free jailbreak downloads will work on limited models and firmware versions. However, we strongly urge you NOT to use these same solutions to unlock iphone 5.1 because you are gambling with your iPhone’ integrity and will most likely “brick” your iphone and make it unusable. Download our recommended jailbreak tool to jailbreak and unlock the 5.1 firmware. Whether you are looking to Unlock iPhone 3GS 5.1, or Unlock iPhone 4 5.1, or even the most recent Unlock iPhone 4S 5.1 then this process and steps will work for your phone if you follow it closely.

Ultrasn0w Software To Unlock iPhone 5.1

If you have unlocked your iPhone device before then you have probably used an ultrasn0w unlock process. Ultrasnow is great for unlocking iphones with any firmware version PREVIOUS to the latest 5.1 firmware version. Unfortunately, you cannot use ultrasn0w latest version to unlock iphone 5.1 because the ultrasn0w repository has yet to be updated for the latest apple release. That is why we have a much better alternative that we suggest you to use.

Steps To Unlock iPhone 5.1

Here is a very quick step by step tutorial that shows you how to unlock iphone with 5.1 firmware on any iphone model such as 3GS, 4, and iphone 4S as well. If you don’t currently have your phone with updated iOS5 firmware then you should plug your phone into itunes first and install the latest 5.0 firmware version to your iphone and then proceed with this unlock process:

  • Step 1: Download the iphone 5.1 unlock software to your computer. It works for both MAC and PC computers. The link to download is at the end of this article.
  • Step 2: Install the latest itunes version to your computer(10.5), or update itunes if you already have it installed. In order to Unlock iPhone 5.1 you need this upgraded itunes software installed. Plug in your phone once iTunes application is opened and deny the automatic software update to iOS 5.1 that itunes offers.
  • Step 3: Download the proper firmware .IPSW file to your computer. This is the firmware file that will be modified during the jailbreak process. The unlock program will help you download the right file.
  • Step 4: Jailbreaking iphone with 5.1 firmware will happen automatically at this point. Be patient while it modifies iphone firmware to the latest version because it can take a few minutes for the process to complete. Your mobile phone will reset during this process as well and possibly even a hard iphone reset will be neccessary to activate the jailbreak.
  • Step 5: Now that jailbreaking the iphone is complete, you must proceed to unlock iphone 5.1. The unlocking process that the software uses is done automatically after you do a few simple steps. At this point, the iphone screen will display a couple steps to perform in order to prepare the unlocking process. Depending on your phone’s model, you might be prompted to restore to a specific version, but we will assume at this point that it is unnecessary to unlock it.
  • Step 6: Once the process to unlock iphone 5.1 firmware is completed automatically then you might need to do an iphone hard reset in order to activate the iphone.

After following those steps, you will notice a third party app that has the name of ‘Cydia’ installed to your phone. The cydia application will enable you to download and install thousands of third-party applications to your phone. These applications are what make unlocking iphone 5.1 a very fun experience. The features that some of the jailbreak apps have to offer are quite amazing, not to mention the ability to save alot of money on your monthly bills and utilize unlimited data plans from your cellphone network provider. For those wondering how to Unlock iPhone 5.1, either check out the recommended solution or email our staff for free help.

If you want the absolute easiest and most reliable method to unlock your iPhone on iOS 5.1, then we would only recommend this Software To Unlock iPhone 5.1. Of all the jailbreak tools and unlocking software that we tested on our cell phones, that solution was the only one that was able to unlock iphones on 5.1. We highly recommend it! Visit: Unlock iPhone 5.1